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    Welcome to the Heart of Harmony (Start Here, Q/A Included!)


    Welcome to the Heart of Harmony (Start Here, Q/A Included!) Empty Welcome to the Heart of Harmony (Start Here, Q/A Included!)

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    Greetings to all who enter The Heart of Harmony!

    My name is Ditzy Doo, and I am the forum organizer for The Heart of Harmony. I, along with the other Harmonics (we'll get to that name in a minute), work with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to give all willing members an opportunity to discover something inside of them that they never knew they had. The Heart of Harmony offers individuals a chance to study certain characters from the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", and use their character traits to better your life in the real world.

    But how do you do this? That question is a simple one to answer. The process is done through meditation, inspired by our very own Princess Celestia. By entering a zen-like state, one's mind can explore and learn positive lessons from the personalities of the characters from the show.  Through this kind of exploration, the characters' positive traits can begin to have a positive effect on one's own self, and can reflect into the real world. Other people may even notice your habits changing for the better!

    Can you give me an example? Sure can! While this story isn't true, it best describes what may be found here in the Heart of Harmony.

    Imagine a young man coming out of high school and getting ready to join university. Perhaps he moved to a different state to attend his college, and he lives in the university away from his family and friends. Naturally, one can begin to worry about a lot of things... "How am I going to do in class?" "What happens if I fail?" "What am I going to do without any friends?". These questions are rather typical, and it can start to bring a lot of stress for an individual who doesn't quite know how to solve it.

    Enter The Heart of Harmony. The young man discovers the site, registers, and decides that studying the archetype of Twilight Sparkle would be of his best interest, to at least help him feel more inspired about studying and learning. The student begins to explore the file and teachings we offer; and begin to use the guided meditation, following the recommendations provided. After awhile, he begins to realize things he never knew he had... a passion learning, for discovering new things, for applying himself until each task is done to the best of his ability. Traits perhaps seemingly beyond his grasp until he studied the archetype of Twilight Sparkle, traits that inspired him to do his best in class, without fear or worry, for the sheer joy of simply doing his best. In addition, he finds himself begining to grow more open and friendly; embracing opportunities to talk with others and make new friends. His study of the positive values and qualities of Twilight Sparkle helped to shape him into a more well-rounded person; and from there, he can begin to fit in perfectly with his new university life... and the possible careers and family of his own in his future.

    Please note, that this story is not an actual testimony, and all individuals will have different results from guided meditation. How it affects you varies person by person; but if you are committed to your spirit, we can offer you the best guidance we can in your progression through our meditations.

    Sounds like this is perfect for me, how can I join? When we do open registrations, you may apply for a passport (Our name for an account), to begin to make yourself known in The Heart of Harmony. After talking to a few members, getting to know a few harmonics, and learning more about who we are in the forum, you may make a request to study a specific archetype to one of our administrators, whom will oversee your request, and if they think you are ready, provide you the visa for that character or race. More information about applying can be found in the rules.

    - - - - -

    What should I do first?: Here is a step-by-step guide to help you become part of the forums!

    1) Register to The Heart of Harmony, normally if registration is open, or via email if registration is closed.
    2) Introduce yourself, and ask any questions if needed.
    3) View any journals or guides to discover what one may learn during their time here.
    4) Apply for a Visa, of one of the six main elements, or of the three pony spirits, by following the instructions inside the rules and guidelines topic.
    5) Apply for a journal, if desired, to help you track your progress.

    And that's it!

    - - - - -

    Links! Since you are just starting off, feel free to visit any of these links, to help you get acquainted to the forum! Links may be added, so feel free to check back here for the most relevant starting information!

    Rules and Guidelines (Must read to apply for a Visa!)

    Support Links - Coming Soon!

    Meditation Guides - Coming Soon!

    - - - - -

    Questions and Answers! Do you have further questions? Here are the most frequently asked questions on the forums! Check back often for new updates!

    Q: What is Guided Meditation?
    A: Guided Meditation (GM) is like hearing a story read aloud that one strives to imagine as clearly as possible.  The crafting of the story helps one more easily attain a Meditative State similar in many respects to the Meditative States able to be reached by long-time practitioners of traditional meditation techniques.

    Through the calmness, centeredness and spiritual clarity that often results from a regular practice of meditation, one may begin to actively guide chosen changes within oneself for the bettering of one's life experience and the bettering of the parts of the world one touches.

    Q: Is Guided Meditation similar to Hypnosis?
    A: Both Guided Meditation and Hypnosis may use storytelling techniques to help the listener relax and enter into a state of consciousness that is different than what is used to navigate "normal, daily life."

    So yes, there is some overlap.

    Some kind of hypnosis _can_ be like meditation, but in general Hypnosis is a state of mind that makes one more disassociated, more suggestible, and/or more focused than within Meditation.  Hypnosis is most often used to produce a specific psychological/behavioral aim, for example, treating phobias, addictions, etc.

    Guided Meditation generally allows the one who is doing the meditation to make his or her own discoveries for him- or her-self, and it is generally focused toward a more spiritual nature.

    Q: Why is this group so closed?
    A: To maintain a healthy environment for those who have already proved themselves able to behave responsibly and in harmony with one another within the focus of the rules of this form.

    Just like being given permission to use a motor vehicle, one must prove that one is safe to do so and can act responsibly before one receives permission to do so.  This is not only for the best-interests of the group as a whole, but also for every individual's best interests as well.

    When one first joins, one will find that one has no access to the files, only to our most basic general discussion area and guides. To actually participate and gain access to the starting files, one is required to submit an application, to which the management will respond with questions, etc.  We believe that if one is a healthy individual and truly committed to being a positive part of a group dedicated to that for which Hearts of Harmony stands, the entry process will be as smooth as it can be.

    Q: Why should I believe in this spirituality stuff?
    A: PRINCESS CELESTIA: Hello, I would like to speak to this question myself.  When I say "Spirit," or "Soul," I simply mean the essence that moves and guides our conscious minds in any given lifetime.  It is a concept that is compatible with many world religions, including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, and many, many others.  The majority of our work here is nurtured by the concept that, as the Hindu philosophy goes, "Souls change bodies, as bodies change clothes."  Our work is also informed by the concept that this world, and this plane of existence, even this "iteration of the Universe" itself, are not the only places where life exists... where our Souls may have lived.

    PRINCESS CELESTIA: You will likely gain more from what we are exploring and studying here if you support the possibility that the Souls that move our human lives, may have also moved other lives, here on this Earth and perhaps elsewhere in the many layers and dimensions of "The Multiverse" (for lack of a better word).

    PRINCESS CELESTIA:  It is my hope that through a lifetime of constant dedication to striving to make better choices today than the ones we made yesterday, that we can have our human lifetimes begin to echo the Light of our Souls, even here on this Earth....  And in so doing, the positive choices made within our human lifetimes may be able to help the over-arcing Path of our Souls to inspire better and better lifetimes on the worlds our Souls will touch.

    PRINCESS CELESTIA:  If you are opposed to these concepts, then perhaps this is not the best place for you.

    PRINCESS CELESTIA:  However, if you can openly entertain the possibility that these concepts may be true, (for others here, even if one does not feel they may be true for oneself,) then there is much that can still be gained from the study of the archetypal characters depicted in the show, Friendship is Magic, and learning to apply the positive Qualities found therein to one's own life.

    Q: What ARE Harmonics?
    A: The Harmonics are the combined group of Moderators and Administrators of the forum, as a way to see the administraton group as equals amongst themselves, (rather then admins outranking moderators, per-se). All Harmonics are purposely trained to guide spirits through the files, give advice, and deal with incidents fairly, and through collaboration with the rest of the Harmonics.

    Q: Help, I didn't get my question answered!
    A: Don't worry, there's multiple ways you can get your question answered!
    1) You can post in the Questions and Answers section, and show your question to the public.
    2) You can contact any Harmonic with a PM, and they can try to respond to you when convenient.
    3) You can also send an email to me (Ditzy Doo), using my contact info down below!

    Q: How can I contact the owners of the forums?
    If you would like to speak to one of us directly, you may contact us at:

    Ditzy Doo, Board Design (Send Q/A Questions to me!): ditzydooderpoutlook.com

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